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It wasn't until 2003 when Royal Landscaping LLC made the shift to service their commercial clients.

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Royal Landscaping LLC began its origins back in 1999 as a residential lawn care company. 


Currently, as of 2008, Royal Landscaping services exclusively commercial clients throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. 


Our Company History 


Welcome to Royal Landscaping 


Today, Royal Landscaping LLC has yearly safety training program to ensure all properties remain safe.

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Our Technological Advantage

Here at Royal Landscaping LLC, we rely on multiple third party weather monitoring services such as Murry and Trettel Inc. These services allow us to prepare for any weather conditions far in advance, ensuring your property is always well taken care of.


During the summer and spring, we monitor rain, wind, dew, and ground temperature. During the winter months, we monitor snow, ice, hail, wind, freezing rain, rapid temperature changes, and any form of precipitation.

When a storm is expected, we stage our equipment and materials beforehand to ensure proper operations. As soon as precipitation begins, we are ready to clean your property in layers (every 2-3 inches) plowing with the storm so your property stays clean.  

Noreaster radar data of winter storm over new jersey from mt holly station
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Royal Landscaping LLC tracks storms beforehand staging equipment and ensuring proper operations. 

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Weather is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and all season long.

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Storms are continuously tracked after they hit to provide constant support for our customers.

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